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Books & Publications

Soul Medicine: Healing Through Dream Incubation, Visions, Oracles & Pilgrimage

The modern practice of medicine and psychology grew out of the ancient Greek healing tradition. Exploring the soul-healing practices missing in our contemporary health systems, Edward Tick, Ph.D., looks at the dream incubation tradition of Asklepios, sacred theatre of Dionysos, oracle gifting of Apollo, and their archaic roots. He includes techniques and case studies to reveal how healings are achieved with these methods and how we can restore soul healing in individuals and culture and integrate the sacred and mythological dimensions in contemporary medicine and psychotherapy.

Soul Medicine: Healing Through Dream Incubation, Visions, Oracles & Pilgrimage

Coming Home In Viet Nam (Tia Chucha Press, 2021)

Seeking the most powerful healing practices to address the invisible wounds of war, Dr. Ed Tick has led journeys to Viet Nam for veterans, survivors, activists and pilgrims for the past twenty years. This moving and revelatory collection documents the people, places and experiences on these journeys. It illuminates the soul-searching and healing that occurs when Vietnamese women and children and veterans of every faction of the "American War" gather together to share storytelling and ritual, grieving, reconciliation and atonement. These poems reveal war's aftermath for Vietnamese and Americans alike and their return to peace, healing and belonging in the very land torn by war's horrors.

Warrior’s Return: Restoring the Soul After War (Sounds True, 2014)

Warrior's Return presents a powerful vision for changing the way we welcome veterans back from service. It builds on Ed's visionary work in War and the Soul to detail a comprehensive approach to healing the soul wounds of war. Rich with lessons drawn from cross-cultural wisdom, mythical archetypes, and proven methods from psychology, it is an invaluable resource to help families, caregivers, and returning veterans understand and cope with the life-changing effects of combat.


The Italian translation, Il ritorno del guerriero, is available for purchase HERE.

War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (Quest Books, 2005)

War's violence can cause the soul to flee and be lost for life. War and the Soul reveals the universal dimensions of veterans' soul wounding, using methods from ancient Greek, Native American, Biblical, Vietnamese and other traditions to restore the soul so that the veteran can truly come home.

The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine (Quest Books, 2001)

Through myth, history, pilgrimage and dream work, this classical work explores the tradition of the Greek god of healing Asklepios. It reveals the ancient spiritual roots of modern medicine and psychotherapy, restores the foundation for a truly holistic medicine, and guides us to create sanctuaries for recovery of the whole person.