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Friendship and philanthropy in Viet Nam

Please contact me directly, or my office, ( for information on any of these events.

Upcoming Events:
Contact author for further information on any of these events:
Fifth Annual Memorial Day service and workshop, Sunday May 26, 10:30 AM - 2 PM, unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst, MA
Freedom Alliance Veteran's Healing Retreat, Montana, July
"Dream Healing in Ancient and Modern Practie,"22nd sacred journey to Greece, November 13-23.



Podcast: "Dream Healing in Ancient Greece,"WOMR Cape Cod, May: 


Newspaper Feature: "Dream Healing," Cape Cod Times, May: 


By David Brooks, The New York Times, NOV. 20, 1018

"Fighting the Spiritual Void

A soul big enough to hold the trauma inside."


"The Burning Heart of a Boddhisatva," Lion's Roar, June 18, 2018,


"Remembering a Warrior-Sage of the Viet Cong," Voice/Male, 22:75, Fall 2018, 8-9 & 38.